Saturday, 23 April 2011

Perfect Sissy Daywear

Lily Allen encompasses the perfect daywear, everyday look for sissies. Tight, striking, short shorts, 40 denier black tights and heels.

The look can be inter-changed with flat ballerinas or ugg boots, but always with the 'regulation' black tights all girls (and sissies proudly should) wear openly in public.

i particularly favour this look. On a feminized male it is both trendy and helps you merge in with all the girls wearing tights and shorts, but scream "sissy" at the same time. There would be no doubt of your feminized male status wearing these clothes and they are certainly a lot more comfortable than typical male trouser drab wear too!

 A perfect sissy daywear look, every honest public sissy would soon get used to wearing and enjoying as just their normal everyday clothes!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Humiliation for sissies

i am often asked what are the most humiliating experiences i have enjoyed as a sissy. Well in no particular order, here are some of the most rememerable

Telling a gorgeous female colleague of many years that i loved the tights she always wore and asking her where she purchased them from. Having to then explain my interest and reason for asking was just amazing!

Wearing outrageously sissy wear at my gym. i often dress in a tight athletics baby pink sports top, short pink shorts, tan fishnet tights and girls sneekers with pink laces. The look accompanied with make up and perfume has got more than one fit muscular guy bulging in his shorts i know!

Being made to masturbate into a condom with another sissy doing the same in front of a Mistress with the sissy cumming first then presenting her condom to the other sissy to wear and complete her masturbation into.

Wearing very gay faggot wear to a beauty salon for ear piercing and nail manicure

Under personal supervision from a Mistress, emailing and texting an "ex" telling her that i was now a sissy and was dressed in a little girls dress, full lingerie, pink tights and high heels and that i was now a gay faggot.

Changing my contact details on utility bills and other id for identity purposes to my new sissy name.

Purchasing lingerie and tights from a local store whilst wearing drab menswear and returning an hour later in proper sissy clothes - sequined blouse, short shorts, tights, heels, full make-up and heels - and purchasing more tights from the same female shop assistant.

If anyone wants any further and more explicit details of any of these humiliations, then you only need to ask! ;)

So what is next? i have got to know and engaged with the most gorgeous, young 'emo' girl who works at my local store. She is pretty and very trendy and wears clothes most befitting for a sissy. She has only ever seen me in male 'drab', but the time to let her see the real me is quickly apporaching. Any ideas on how to succeed in this task would be greatfully received!

Until next time

sissy alicia

Friday, 25 February 2011

I love being a sissy!


A sissy is the last word in truly effeminate transvestism. Ultimately all aspects of a sissy's make-up, hair, lingerie, dresses and behaviour should be that of a lisping and begging real life Barbie doll, who is keen to learn the appropriate mannerisms and deportment required to enhance the overall effect

Sissification of a male is a wonderful thing to happen and should begin as soon as you realise you have strong sissy and girly tendencies. Firstly you will need and want to surrender all rights to live, be recognised and accepted as a 'male'. It is a nice feeling proudly accepting you are a sissy and not having to pretend to be a man or try to carry off the pretence of being manly any more.

Beginning your sissification requires the total removal and correction of your ‘male’ thoughts and feelings and anything connected or related to that of a male persona. You will want to think, do and be seeing doing everything as femininely as possible. A sissy should understand his place and purpose in life is to serve and make more pleasurable and amusing the lifestyle of women and real men he meets, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it may be at times.
To be continued

I love being a sissy!

sissy alicia x