Saturday, 23 April 2011

Perfect Sissy Daywear

Lily Allen encompasses the perfect daywear, everyday look for sissies. Tight, striking, short shorts, 40 denier black tights and heels.

The look can be inter-changed with flat ballerinas or ugg boots, but always with the 'regulation' black tights all girls (and sissies proudly should) wear openly in public.

i particularly favour this look. On a feminized male it is both trendy and helps you merge in with all the girls wearing tights and shorts, but scream "sissy" at the same time. There would be no doubt of your feminized male status wearing these clothes and they are certainly a lot more comfortable than typical male trouser drab wear too!

 A perfect sissy daywear look, every honest public sissy would soon get used to wearing and enjoying as just their normal everyday clothes!