Friday, 25 February 2011

I love being a sissy!


A sissy is the last word in truly effeminate transvestism. Ultimately all aspects of a sissy's make-up, hair, lingerie, dresses and behaviour should be that of a lisping and begging real life Barbie doll, who is keen to learn the appropriate mannerisms and deportment required to enhance the overall effect

Sissification of a male is a wonderful thing to happen and should begin as soon as you realise you have strong sissy and girly tendencies. Firstly you will need and want to surrender all rights to live, be recognised and accepted as a 'male'. It is a nice feeling proudly accepting you are a sissy and not having to pretend to be a man or try to carry off the pretence of being manly any more.

Beginning your sissification requires the total removal and correction of your ‘male’ thoughts and feelings and anything connected or related to that of a male persona. You will want to think, do and be seeing doing everything as femininely as possible. A sissy should understand his place and purpose in life is to serve and make more pleasurable and amusing the lifestyle of women and real men he meets, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it may be at times.
To be continued

I love being a sissy!

sissy alicia x


  1. Dear sissy girlfriend,
    You look so femme and make a pretty sissy. I am looking forward to hearing of your sissy exploits which I hope will be numerous.
    sissy gina

  2. such a perfect and beautiful sissy girl

  3. Hi Alicia. You are very pretty sissie. Kisses Lili

  4. i wish i could be as pretty a sissy as u